Trang T Le

Monday, October 28, 2013

"Threads" exhibition came down two weeks ago and I would like to share the article that was well written by Meher McArthur for KCET.

Monday, September 30, 2013

 My new work "Threads" is exhibiting at Ruth Bachofner Gallery right now till Oct. 12.  There are two more weeks left before it comes down. It is a great exhibit with many good responses, if you are close by I would like to invite you to come view it.
 I will be having a solo exhibition " Quiet Thoughts" in Vincennes, Indiana Oct 4- Nov 11.
Reception and book signing Oct 4 @5-8pm. "Quiet Thoughts" are paintings selected from the 10 years working with the spiral circles. I would like to invite you to come if you are close by.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I am finishing "Threads" to get ready for a solo exhibition at Ruth Bachofner Gallery. Please save a date for a big art opening September 7th at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica.

                                                                                                                 Trang T. Le

Monday, July 15, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

All lives have value and purpose

Happy Tuesday! 

With so much violence in the media these days, 
I wanted to contribute a moment of peace with a painting I did called "111,978".  

The message behind this painting is that all lives are meaningful; all lives have value and purpose. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Detail photos from "Threads"

I added two detail photos from my new series "Threads" on my web site. Check it out!

Monday, March 11, 2013

my mind

I have been thinking of colors and forms all day. I am so frustrated that I ran out of canvas and have to wait. So desperate that I painted on top of the other painting.  Richard Jackson understands me.  If you are close by to Orange County,  you have to go see Richard Jackson "Ain't Painting a Pain" at OCMA.  It is the best exhibit I haven't seen in years, especially for painters!!!  Great satisfaction

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Find me

Hey everyone, 

I have been working on getting my work out so everyone can connect with me. I really appreciate everyone's support and encourage as I work on my new series. 

Check out where I'm now showing my work: 

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

About Me

Born in Nha Trang, Southern Vietnam, Trang T. Lê escaped her homeland with her family to resettle in San Francisco in 1982. As a refugee and child of war, Lê’s paintings reflect not violence but peace and tranquility—a natural yearning of the human heart burdened by a tumultuous past.

Only nature can counter the horrors of death and destruction. To unleash life’s traumas, her work examines simple marks of nature in a perpetual search for balance and peace. Nature’s beauty finds herself in the repetitive, pensive swirls and strokes on her canvas. Lê’s paintings take the viewer back to nature’s innocence, to reminisce and ponder over simple everyday moments.

Lê also uses mixed media installations when addressing political and social issues. Her subjects range from effects of war on children and human sexuality. These interactive exhibitions immerse the viewers in a heightened sensibility with a newfound awareness of their surroundings.

A master’s of fine arts graduate of Claremont Graduate University as a fellowship recipient, Lê has held solo and group exhibitions since 2002 throughout Southern California. Some prominent venues include Claremont Graduate University, Riverside Art Museum, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Huntington Beach Art Center, Sweeney Art Gallery and Division 9 Art Gallery.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"In the Path of Nature's Harmony" At HP's Headquarter (Palo Alto, CA)

108" x 168"
Oil on Canvas

"Two Lovers" Series

Have you ever been in love? Was it that your eyes met across a crowded room, or that butterflies were felt in your stomach, or the anxiety and excitement that led up to a blind date? Perhaps it was the tingling sensation you felt from head to toe, the need and longing for someone, the desire you felt, the touch and intimacy between you both, the emotional highs and lows, the chemistry, or the connection. This connection is often hard to put into words, but you can feel it. A bond with another person you may not completely understand or appreciate, but you cannot imagine not being together. This feeling of love through connection is a mystery that cannot easily be defined.

In my new series Two Lovers, I seek to express this connection of love through layers of paint. Two Lovers shows a relationship between a man and a woman. The series comes in pairs, but each painting can stand alone. Each can act as an individual. Each pair has a title that connects them together. Although they are different on the surface, there is something that draws you into them as a connected pair. They are each other’s soul mate. In their own right, separately they are beautiful and independent, but together they are much stronger, more complimentary, and complete.

The process I took in creating this series often started from the male’s perspective. Each layer added a new aspect to the personality, adding depth. The male’s personality is ambiguous, mysterious, fuzzy, gentle, and loving. The male is hazy and inexplicable, yet bold in color and strength. Although there are questions about him, I cannot live without him; I have no control over his destiny, nor does he mine, yet both of us are destined to be together through our connection. The mystery is intriguing, and this carries over from the male to the female perspective. The female represents patience, reflection, serenity, and takes more of an artistic form. The female must find her own limits, search through her own layers, and find the intrigue and connection she can offer her own self and the one she loves. The strokes I take in these paintings find that balance. I create a circle of layers as a meditation for myself, lingering somewhat aimlessly and somewhat purposefully between the me and the us.

"Passion Flow/ Hanging"

72'' x 62" Each Canvas
Oil on Canvas

"Breeze/ Embrace Me"

72'' x 62" Each Canvas

Oil on Canvas

View Gallery "Two Lovers" Exhibition


72'' x 62" Each Canvas

Oil on Canvas

"Fury/ In Control"

72'' x 62" Each Canvas

Oil on Canvas


Documentary of "111,978" 
Interview with the artist

Every day is a new day, or so they say, but most often everyday is routine. Daily life can often feel monotonous. We wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, head to the gym, etc, and the next day repeat it all over again. While we go through days without much worry for others not included in our own worlds, most often it is the environment around us that should captivate more of our individual attention. In the grand scheme of things it seems pretty self-absorbed to be so removed from what others go through or what is happening to the world around us. But one of the most interesting phenomenons of life is that of a flashback. Those moments, good or bad, conjured up by a feeling, a photograph, a song lyric, a scent, or a word that can literally take us back to another time in our life. It is usually these flashbacks that put our routinely daily lives into perspective.

On September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon. The land I now call my home had shaken me up with fear. I believed that there was no safe place in this world. What I thought was iron-clad safety in a country I lived in was now shattered and I believed war was imminent. Subsequently, in March of 2003, the US and its allies declared war on Iraq. At the same time my mind kept flashing back to my childhood experiences as a victim of war. Out of nowhere I started hearing loud gunshots and bombs exploding. Buildings around me crumbled, houses were torn apart, people were screaming, crying, and running around chaotically. Soon there was no food to speak of and hunger began a year’s long gnawing at my stomach. All of these things became part of my daily life. Often I would look up at the shining stars in the night sky and wish for my family to be in a better place. I escaped Vietnam with my family in 1981 to find freedom as the Boat People. My prayers and wishes came true in 1982 when I first set foot in America, as an immigrant to the land of freedom, peace, and opportunity.

Looking back on the history of humanity and its conflicts to the present day, I once again look up at the night sky wishing the world would be a better place for us and our children’s generations to live in. It is here that I found the answer to the conflicts of war, first through creating a journal of faces and names of deceased service men and women of the Armed Forces, then through painting spiral circles on canvas, in desperation of wanting to heal the wounds of all sufferers including myself and my childhood experiences. I spent years painting 111,978. It somehow looks like a star lit sky where the sky and water merge as one. Each circle represents one life that was lost in the Iraq war. Each circle represents a soul at rest.

As with most feelings and memories, they are fleeting. It is not long before the flashback ends and you head back to present day life. It is what we all take from these small moments that push us toward being more aware and compassionate human beings. Every time someone looks at 111,978, I want them to walk away with a lingering feeling, one that cannot easily be explained. All lives are meaningful; all lives have value and purpose. It is this perspective that will allow me to wake up to a new day, every day.


48" x 576" Oil on Linen and Canvas

Details of Canvas #4

Details for Canvas #6 and 7

Book of fallen soliders

Monday, January 7, 2013

"Limitless" series

For the past few years, my mind has been consumed with the circular shape.   Everywhere I go, I see its beautiful curves, soft flow, shimmering light and fleeting movement. It captivates me. This fascination arose one afternoon resting underneath a tree watching the leaves dance and flicker in the soft wind. It was a simple yet memorable moment. When in the studio, I draw on these moments encountered with nature to convey thoughts and feelings on canvas.

Each paint layer is an atmosphere created by color thinly spread with the palette knife. Each day finds a new layer of paint evolving, like the passing of time from one day to the next. The continual scraping, leveling, and smoothing of the paint layers with the palette knife resemble man’s interaction with nature. It is like the ebb and flow of the sea just like the ups and downs of daily living. The layered depth of the painting speaks of the organic evolution of emotions and thoughts emanating from the self and nature as one. Colors in open space radiate the immensity of human emotions while nature’s mood is continuous, infinite and limitless.

Fascination with the circular shape compels me to create these small circular spirals by the thousands, one after another. The process itself resembles the ups and downs of our daily lives. Life’s trials and tribulations travel in perpetuity, requiring continual improvement just like painting the spirals in repetitive circular motion.  Unlike life’s turmoil, shaping these spirals brings comfort and soothing, very much like healing a wound.

Painting is an organic evolution of feelings and thoughts at all levels of consciousness.  I may approach the canvas with a pre-set idea but forms that arrive tend to develop their own lives as in nature – unfolding in their own time and patterns.   Intuitively this natural process takes over and allows the painting to grow into its own unique form.  It has a compelling voice which speaks to me in a continual dialogue.                                                           


"The Rose in Red Swarm"
Oil on Canvas

"The Water of Blue Skies"
Oil on Canvas