Trang T Le

Monday, January 7, 2013

"Limitless" series

For the past few years, my mind has been consumed with the circular shape.   Everywhere I go, I see its beautiful curves, soft flow, shimmering light and fleeting movement. It captivates me. This fascination arose one afternoon resting underneath a tree watching the leaves dance and flicker in the soft wind. It was a simple yet memorable moment. When in the studio, I draw on these moments encountered with nature to convey thoughts and feelings on canvas.

Each paint layer is an atmosphere created by color thinly spread with the palette knife. Each day finds a new layer of paint evolving, like the passing of time from one day to the next. The continual scraping, leveling, and smoothing of the paint layers with the palette knife resemble man’s interaction with nature. It is like the ebb and flow of the sea just like the ups and downs of daily living. The layered depth of the painting speaks of the organic evolution of emotions and thoughts emanating from the self and nature as one. Colors in open space radiate the immensity of human emotions while nature’s mood is continuous, infinite and limitless.

Fascination with the circular shape compels me to create these small circular spirals by the thousands, one after another. The process itself resembles the ups and downs of our daily lives. Life’s trials and tribulations travel in perpetuity, requiring continual improvement just like painting the spirals in repetitive circular motion.  Unlike life’s turmoil, shaping these spirals brings comfort and soothing, very much like healing a wound.

Painting is an organic evolution of feelings and thoughts at all levels of consciousness.  I may approach the canvas with a pre-set idea but forms that arrive tend to develop their own lives as in nature – unfolding in their own time and patterns.   Intuitively this natural process takes over and allows the painting to grow into its own unique form.  It has a compelling voice which speaks to me in a continual dialogue.                                                           


"The Rose in Red Swarm"
Oil on Canvas

"The Water of Blue Skies"
Oil on Canvas

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