Trang T Le

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

About Me

Born in Nha Trang, Southern Vietnam, Trang T. Lê escaped her homeland with her family to resettle in San Francisco in 1982. As a refugee and child of war, Lê’s paintings reflect not violence but peace and tranquility—a natural yearning of the human heart burdened by a tumultuous past.

Only nature can counter the horrors of death and destruction. To unleash life’s traumas, her work examines simple marks of nature in a perpetual search for balance and peace. Nature’s beauty finds herself in the repetitive, pensive swirls and strokes on her canvas. Lê’s paintings take the viewer back to nature’s innocence, to reminisce and ponder over simple everyday moments.

Lê also uses mixed media installations when addressing political and social issues. Her subjects range from effects of war on children and human sexuality. These interactive exhibitions immerse the viewers in a heightened sensibility with a newfound awareness of their surroundings.

A master’s of fine arts graduate of Claremont Graduate University as a fellowship recipient, Lê has held solo and group exhibitions since 2002 throughout Southern California. Some prominent venues include Claremont Graduate University, Riverside Art Museum, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Huntington Beach Art Center, Sweeney Art Gallery and Division 9 Art Gallery.